We love receiving positive responses from our users. If BNID has had a significant impact on your professional career, organization or academic department, let us know! Please email us at [email protected] with a brief quote and we would be happy to add your success story to our website.

“Build Health International (BHI) is grateful to be a part of the BNID Community that allows our team to network and engage with organizations to learn, share challenges and advance impact. As a member, the opportunity to recruit and promote BHI's mission helps us continue to expand our work in global healthcare infrastructure.” Sarah Sceery - Director of External Relations and Engagement, Build Health International

"For at least 13 years I have been a supporter and member of BNID. It is an indispensable resource to me in my work at NEID Global to promote giving to many of the outstanding international organizations with a presence in Greater Boston. I also often receive requests from people seeking jobs in the sector, and the first place I send them to is BNID to see the breadth of opportunities here. Boston is a vibrant hub for innovation and international development. BNID has opened the world to me!" Karen Ansara, Co-Founder and Chair of the Board, NEID Global

“As a rapidly growing nonprofit organization, we have greatly valued BNID’s job board as a powerful way to share open positions with the wider Boston area. Our communications team in particular has appreciated BNID’s social platform to help amplify our voice as well!” Mara Chan - Senior Communications Manager, The Luminos Fund

"For the last several years, Oxfam America has been a member of BNID and it has been an invaluable network for our staff and community in the Greater Boston area. BNID is a leading resource for international development NGOs, practitioners, students, and professionals working in this sector with an approach that is inclusive and puts social justice at the center. We are committed to supporting and promoting BNID for many years to come. They are an essential part of our community and we are proud to be members." Liz Carty - Strategic Partnership Director, Oxfam America

BNID is an invaluable partner. They are catalysts for Boston's rich internationally-focussed nonprofits and NGOs. Specifically, UNAGB would not be where it is today without BNID's job and event board. I trust BNID to lead from a place of integrity and strong commitment to the power of collaboration and justice. Thank you to BNID for all of its leadership in the sector! Caitlin Moore - Executive Director, United Nations Association of Greater Boston