We love receiving positive responses from our users. If BNID has had a significant impact on your professional career, organization or academic department, let us know! Please email us at [email protected] with a brief quote and we would be happy to add your success story to our website.

"Thank you for posting the request for volunteers for the Haiti Development Institute's Haiti Funders Conference in NYC! We have gotten stellar and very experienced researchers and organizers and would have been hard pressed to pull off this conference without them."
Karen Ansara, Founder of the Ansara Family Fund and co-founder of the New England International Donors

“The BNID evening networking event was a great opportunity to meet with others in in the Boston area that are doing similar work. Because our organization is small and everyone works at home we really liked this opportunity to meet with other organizations, compare notes & best practices and look for ways to collaborate” Dana Clawson, Program Manager Dana joined Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation

“BNID has vastly improved my experience navigating the international NGO community of Boston and help develop relationships with organizations whose mission align directly with Hostelling International's. I've found it also to be a great promotional tool and help reach a larger community of like-minded professionals in the Boston area.” Paul Kuhne - Community Engagement Manager at Hostelling International Boston

“I am a faculty member of the Global Studies Department at Bentley University. I forward your newspaper to my students who are looking for jobs and internships.” Kristin Sorensen Associate Professor, Global Studies - Bentley University

“BNID has been a phenomenal hub for me as a recent Post-Graduate. It has provided me with an international community of volunteers and workers in international development as well as job opportunities and internships.” Gabriela Corbera - Recent Graduate, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

“I've made several meaningful connections at BNID events, and I've benefited enormously from its vast database, which allowed me to have a comprehensive overview of the organizations I might be interested in.” Jonas Brunschwig - Office of Foundation Relations Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"I have been very focused locally on development, BNID has assisted me - and the organization I work for in building our visibility in Boston and also in connecting me personally to others interested in international development. Our organization was featured for a whole month in the BNID newsletter and we were so appreciative of that!" Susan Kagan, Development Coordinator at Disability Rights Fund