Our Team

Meet our amazing team! 

Raina Fox [she/her] - Executive Director

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Raina Fox, MA, is a programs and partnerships specialist with over a decade's experience in the US, India, Jordan, and Australia managing collaborative, high impact, globally celebrated programs that elevate marginalized voices and build movements for sustainable social change.

In addition to serving as BNID's Executive Director, Raina works on gender justice, SDG, and coronavirus response efforts with Oxfam America and is an Adviser for Millennium Campus Network, where from 2015 - 2018 she lead program development and partnerships to advance MCN's vision of a generation of global development professionals who are more ethical, effective, and engaged. She holds MAs in Peace and Conflict Studies (as a Rotary Peace Fellow at University of Queensland in Australia) and Public Humanities (Brown University), and has worked at grassroots nonprofits in India, Hong Kong, and the US and with UNDP Arab States in Jordan supporting innovation for development across the region.

Education: BA Macalester College, MA Brown University, MA University of Queensland (Australia)

Expertise: Peacebuilding and Conflict transformation, Program management, Leadership development

Sharon Rajadurai [she/her] - Operations Associate

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Sharon Rajadurai is BNID’s Summer Operations Associate. She is entering her final year of undergraduate studies at Suffolk University College of Arts and Sciences where she is pursing her Bachelor of Arts with a major in Government and concentration in International Relations. She is passionate about sustainable and local asset centered international development, and has spent the past few years interning at various non profits in Massachusetts and Washington D.C, including most recently at New England International Donors, a Boston based donor network for international philanthropists. 

Interests: Immigration/Refugees, Child & youth development, Donor education and impact  

Erin Dennehy [she/her] - Program & Communications Intern -

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Erin Dennehy is BNID’s Fall Program & Communications Intern. She is a recent graduate of the College of the Holy Cross with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Sociology. She is passionate about sustainable development initiatives that foster climate resilience and leverage the strength and leadership of local communities. Over the past four years, Erin worked with several environmental & political advocacy nonprofits, including Common Cause of Massachusetts (where she researched key democracy reforms) and Small Planet Institute (where she researched state climate policies and managed the organization’s academic outreach program).

Interests: Sustainable Development, Climate Policy, Environmental Policy, Community & Economic Development, Global Justice, Nonprofit Management

Syrga Kanatbek kyzy [she/her] - Strategic Planning Coordinator Intern

[email protected]

Syrga Kanatbek kyzy is Strategic Planning Coordination Intern for Summer 2020 at BNID. Currently, she is earning an M.A. in Sustainable International Development and an M.S. in Global Health Policy and Management with the concentration in Health Systems from the Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. After completing my education and gaining relevant practical experience, it is my goal to return to my home country to work toward alleviating the health care deficiencies faced by rural communities and improving their socio-economic conditions. Previously, I have interned at the USAID in Kyrgyzstan and American Councils for International Education in Washington D.C. In addition to her position at BNID, Syrga is a Programme Assistant for the project Mapping Nature for People and Planet by UNDP and National Geographic Society (NGS).

Interests: Health/Education/Environmental Policy, Rural Development

Jeromel Dela Rosa Lara - Storytelling Associate Intern

[email protected]

Hello! I am Jeromel, and I am a rising sophomore at Harvard College intending to study Comparative Study of Religion and Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights. 

I was born in the Philippines, and I lived there for 11 years before immigrating here to the U.S. with my mother in 2011 where we have moved around from place to place across the country. We first lived in San Diego for a year then due to some pressing circumstances, we had to move out, and we lived in Chicago for the next 7 years. We moved/drove to Boston in the summer of 2019, but we then moved/drove back to San Diego in January this year. Our lives as immigrants facing the pressures of assimilation and the struggles of living as non-U.S. born residents have made me connect deeply with immigrant communities and their experiences. It’s what draws me to journalism and global justice work where these narratives are sought, valued, and featured. I am so honored to be able to contribute to BNID this summer. I hope to make use of this opportunity to be acquainted and connected with organizations and institutions in the Boston area committed to global justice and international development. I am interested in the area of law as it relates to human rights and justice shaped by my experiences and what I witness from my country of origin and here in the U.S. I look forward to pursuing the stories that Boston has on how it connects itself to the interconnected issues happening in this country and the world, especially as it deals with people of color and immigrants.

Going along in my interest in storytelling, my biggest passions in life are journalism and the Humanities. I love reading, hearing, and seeing people’s stories as reflected in books, art, and music where you would almost always see me in libraries, museums, and cultural events (before the pandemic). On the side, I am also an amateur Philippine historian and researcher doing a project that looks into my country during the Marcos Dictatorship especially with the rise of historical revisionism where telling this history is altered today to praise and glorify an authoritarian regime.

Vladimir Grenkov - Director of Technology

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Vladimir Grenkov is BNID’s Director of Technology. He graduated from University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts and Boston University with an Master of Arts in 2010, both in Economics. A voracious programmer since the age of 10, he combines his economic acumen and coding to tackle problems in business operations, tech administration and marketing. Vlad co-founded Pixel Machinery, a technical consultancy, programming, and design shop. He also teaches Principles of Economics and International Economics courses at Fisher College.