United World Against Diabetes

United World Against Diabetes (UWAD) is a non-government organisation fighting against diabetes in India. The mission of UWAD is to promote diabetes care, control, prevention, awareness and working to increase access of essential medicines and insulin for diabetic people. We are advocate for children with Type 1 diabetes and women living with diabetes.

India is diabetes capital in the world as per W.H.O. more than 69.2 million people have living with diabetes and 50%are women from rural areas, These women never go for any diagnosis they are suffering from diabetes but they are not aware.

We believe all women with diabetes should have access to a healthy support system that includes peers with diabetes. A healthy peer support system provides encouragement, empowerment, and education with the purpose of helping each woman reach her full potential in life. An empowered, informed woman with diabetes is a healthy woman with diabetes.


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