At the heart of the MIT mission statement is a call to serve the nation and the world—and this charge is embodied by the MIT Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center (PKG Center).

Since its founding in 1988, the PKG Center has helped students learn how to meet challenges and manage projects with innovation and creativity. From teaching a child to read in a Cambridge public school to traveling to Ecuador to continue work on a rainwater filtration tank project, the experiences are meaningful and far-reaching. 

Each year, the PKG Center sends thousands of students into communities locally, across the nation, and around the globe to apply their skills and ingenuity towards solving real problems. In MIT’s best tradition of hands-on experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and creative problem solving, these students donate their time, create new technologies, form companies and communities, and change lives everywhere they go.

The IDEAS Global Challenge is one of the programs in the suite of many, offered through the PKG Center, that further opportunities for positive change through innovation and social entrepreneurship.

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