The METI Project

Our mission is to promote sustainability in health care through medical education, training, and improved infrastructure (METI) in under-served areas of the world.


The METI Project was launched in 2013 by the Cambridge based Professional Ambulance and Pro EMS Center for Medics. In conjunction with the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti, the METI Project’s first initiative was to send a team of paramedics and emergency department staff to provide medical training and clinical assistance to the St. Luke Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. METI teams have helped to implement new hospital triage systems, sepsis identification protocols, team dynamics training, and education in emergency medical techniques. In the two years since we began, the METI Project maintains a successful relationship with the medical community of Port-au-Prince and has expanded to include the Cambridge-Haiti sister city of Les Cayes.


We draw on the extensive experience of the Boston emergency medical community, and the knowledge and support of the Haitian community of Cambridge to aid in the development of health care in Haiti. Through both community and hospital training, the METI Project creates long term sustainability that improves patient outcomes. And with EMS at our core, the METI project will continue to expand into pre-hospital medicine and aid in the integration of emergency medical care in developing countries around the world.

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