The Melton Foundation

The Melton Foundation The Melton Foundation is a proponent of global citizenship as a way to encourage people and institutions to collaborate on shared global challenges. The Foundation accomplishes this through a portfolio of hands-on projects and activities that involve a growing network of Melton Fellows, universities, and partners in diverse world regions. The core activities of the Foundation are made possible through an endowment provided by Bill Melton. A successful entrepreneur and visionary investor for over 30 years, Bill Melton was founder of VeriFone Inc. and an early investor in America Online, PayPal, Coffee Day, OnMobile, and other transformational companies in India, China, and the US. Melton Fellows Fellows first pursue a three year experiential learning program that brings them into intense contact with each other and with communities around the world.

Upon completing this first phase, Fellows continue to be supported by —and increasingly support— the Foundation and its mission as “Senior Fellows”. Many Melton Senior Fellows are now in positions of leadership in business, education, science, medicine, and the public and social sectors, where they help further our mission in their growing spheres of influence. Senior Fellows also contribute their knowledge and skills to expanding the capacity and impact of our network as speakers, trainers, mentors, project leaders, Board members, and financial contributors.

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