The Blueprint Project, Inc.

The Blueprint Project will formally launch in January 2020. Initially the Project will shape foreign policy discussions that take place during the election cycle by coordinating and amplifying the voices of progressive, US-based human rights organizations. Following the election, the Project will present a Blueprint for Action to guide policymakers and advocates as they work to both repair the damage caused by recent developments, and align a new foreign policy with fundamental human rights objectives.  

 In the short term, the Blueprint Project will achieve concrete improvements in US policy under the next Administration—not just repairing recent damage done to human rights principles, but ensuring that human rights principles influence policy more than they did under previous administrations. In the long term, the Project will help build a sustained source of pressure on the United States to promote the full spectrum of internationally-guaranteed human rights, without exception or exceptionalism. 

 The Blueprint for Action will be the product of a consensus of leaders of progressive US-based organizations working on human rights issues impacted by U.S. foreign policy. It will advocate for structural change in US polices, so that they:

  a) bring the US into compliance with international human rights obligations, and accept accountability for human rights violations;

  b) address root causes of human rights violations, especially growing inequality, racism, sexism and environmental degradation, and deploy systemic solutions to systemic problems;

·          c) support efforts by foreign governments to implement progressive policies, and refrain from interfering with those initiatives out of respect for national sovereignty;

·         d)make connections across issues to demonstrate the inter-dependence of all human rights; and

·         e) deploy a networked approach to maximize the impact of the advocacy.


The Blueprint Project relies on collaborative advocacy, reflecting the insights and priorities of a range of progressive human rights organizations and leaders, especially people of color, women and activist youth.  It will privilege the perspective of people leading human rights work on the ground, who are often too busy responding to emerging human rights threats to prepare their vital insights for public discussion. The Blueprint Project will be complementary to and collaborative with new and emerging progressive advocacy in the Unites States related to racial equality, gender equality, disability rights, LGBTQI rights, economic equality, environmental justice and other critical issues. It will not duplicate or displace existing work by advocates and think tanks; rather it will support and enrich existing progressive advocacy with the perspectives and collaboration of human rights groups.


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