Technology Exchange Lab, Inc.

The Technology Exchange Lab is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides a global platform for sharing innovative, locally implementable solutions to problems of poverty. We are an international network of inventors, engineers, non-profit workers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, micro-financiers and community leaders, welcoming new members. TEL believes: 1) in the power of comprehensive, shared information to transform lives; 2) that many adverse effects of poverty in the developing world can be alleviated by leveraging innovative, low-cost technologies currently coming from universities, research labs, and entrepreneurial ventures throughout the world.

These creative, cost-effective innovations can help deliver safe drinking water, improved irrigation, sustainable fuels, and other life-saving benefits. Unlike larger-scale, centralized projects and technologies that are often well-funded and well-publicized, these new 'point-of-use' solutions with the potential to transform remote or under-served communities are often poorly publicized and/or not easily sourced. Hence, it can be prohibitively difficult and time-consuming for non-profit organizations, government organizations, local farmers, and other end users to find, compare, and obtain these technologies.

TEL's mission is to deliver reliable, up-to-date information on these high-impact, low-cost, sustainable technologies to the people who need it the most, as well as to encourage and help guide further innovation. Our multi-service interactive website connects technology solution providers (e.g., inventors) with solution seekers (e.g., farmers, NGOs, local merchants) in the developing world. The free and open exchange of information reduces search costs and helps propel world-wide adoption of effective, innovative solutions to problems of poverty.

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