Team Heart, Inc.

Working in partnership with the Rwandan Ministry of Health, and the Rwanda Heart Foundation, and select global partners, Team Heart will address the burden of cardiac disease: 

To establish a sustainable regional center of excellence in cardiac care, including cardiac surgery, a heart catheterization lab, rehabilitation and prevention, research and education in partnership with Rwanda local partners. 

To address the suffering of adolescents and young adults afflicted with advanced rheumatic heart disease in Rwanda with surgical intervention to return to productive and fulfilling life.  

To prevent advanced rheumatic heart disease through a combined effort of surveillance, prevention, education and early intervention as an example of effective countrywide intervention against rheumatic heart disease that can inspire a scalable model in the region.  

To support advocacy and poverty reduction initiatives for the population of marginalized individuals who suffer from chronic heart disease and the resulting impact on their ability to support themselves and family.

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