Since 2007, Team Heart, a volunteer-based non-profit, has been working in Rwanda to increase access to cardiac care for the vulnerable population. Through partnerships with the Rwandan Ministry of Health, the Rwandan Biomedical Center and King Faisal Hospital, and other NGO's working in this space, a 16-year partnership has led to the surgical intervention of more than 220 young adults suffering from RHD. A mentoring program for skill transfer and education through the scholarship for two surgeons in cardiac surgical training abroad, a nurse specialization in cardiac care, training of echo-cardiography skills in NCD clinics, and prevention, awareness, and early diagnosis of rheumatic heart disease with local civic organizations. Our mission: To address the burden of Cardiovascular Disease in Rwanda by increasing access to care through sharing data, improvement of facilities, skill transfer, and access to essential cardiac medications and supplies for all.

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