Tanzanian Children’s Fund

The Tanzanian Children’s Fund (TCF)works to ensure that all children and families in the Karatu region of northern Tanzania lead healthy and productive lives and have the opportunity to become positive agents of change for their country. In order to achieve our goals, TCF provides a loving and permanent home for over 100 marginalized children at the Rift Valley Children’s Village.

TCF also recognizes that the best way to promote the well-being of all children is to provide access to high-quality education, free healthcare, and economic opportunity to the entire community. Our innovative, multi-pronged approach to addressing systemic poverty is what has enabled us to have a deep impact and catalyze real and lasting change.

Our portfolio of community projects include:

Gyetighi Primary School  – In partnership with the local government, we manage the local primary school, which is aimed at improving educational outcomes and providing opportunities for high-achieving students to attend secondary school, and beyond.

Oldeani Secondary School  - We also co-manage Oldeani Secondary School with the local government to make a high-quality secondary school education accessible to students in our community.

Medical Care – We have a Rural Community Health Clinic run by a Registered Nurse at the Rift Valley Children's Village which provides care to patients in our community. We also have a partnership with the Foundation of African Medicine and Education (FAME) for patients who need additional medical care. To learn more about FAME, please visit fameafrica.org.

Rifty Economic Advancement Program (REAP) – We help foster economic growth with small business loans to help break cycles of poverty in the communities surrounding the Rift Valley Children’s Village.

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