Tanzania School Foundation

TSF provides a free quality education to children born into chronic poverty in Arusha Tanzania.  We provide an exemplary basic education to end the cycle of poverty for our students and their families in the years to come.  

In 2012, TSF founded the School of St. Nicholas.  Providing a free education to children born into chronic poverty in the village of Moivaro.  We began in a rented house with 12 students.

We acquired three acres of land in the village of Mlangarini in Arusha Tanzania where our school campus building has begun.  We anticipate moving to our new campus by the end of 2016.

Building a school is easy, but we have learned that building a building doesn't make it anything.  With our guidance and oversight the School of St. Nicholas is very different.  All of our students are taught in English beginning at the age of four, they have books, computer class, daily meals and volunteers and Tanzanian staff that love them.

We are committed to growing our school with our students, one classroom every year.

Christine Lott our founder lives in Tanzania half the year, ensuring our goals are accomplished.  The other half of the year, she can be found in the Boston area, raising funding and awareness of our needed work. 


2 Canton Street, Ste 222
Stoughton, MA 02072
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