St. Boniface Haiti Foundation

Founded in 1983 in Massachusetts, SBHF has over three decades of experience working to improve health and healthcare delivery in rural Haiti. SBHF’s mission is to provide essential health services to the people of Southern Haiti, especially the most vulnerable. We are committed to providing compassionate, high quality care, and to doing so in an accessible manner: care is free or extremely low-cost, and no one is turned away for lack of ability to pay.  We believe that ensuring access to life-saving and life-changing health services is a critical component to building strong and productive communities.   


SBHF’s St. Boniface Hospital, located in Fond-des-Blancs in Haiti’s South Department, was built in 1992 and is annually accredited by Haiti’s Ministry of Health. At present, St. Boniface Hospital provides patient, outpatient and community-based services such as: primary care outpatient consultations, surgery, and radiology; OB/GYN surgery; maternal, neonatal careincluding the only functioning NICU in all of southern Haiti—and pediatric care; preventative and treatment services for cholera, TB, malaria, diarrhea, malnutrition, and HIV/AIDS; general nutritional counseling; dental services; and a national center for spinal cord injury clinical care and rehabilitation services. In addition, SBHF operates a satellite clinic in the mountainous region of the Southeastern Department, in Villa.  


SBHF employs more than 300 staff in Haiti98% of whom are Haitian, and engages over 70 community health workers and a group of mentors who participate in community health efforts. From 2014 to 2015, the hospital received a 50% increase in the number of patient visits. Today, patient numbers are at a record high, averaging 400 patients per day in the first quarter of 2016.  Additionally, the Villa Clinic receives over 12,000 patients for basic primary care services annually. SBHF directly or indirectly benefits an estimated 300,000 persons within the SouthNippes, and Southeast Departments. Patients from across southern Haitiin which an estimated 2.3 million persons reside, access services at SBHF. 

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