Silver Lining Mentoring

Since 2001, Silver Lining Mentoring has empowered foster and adopted youth in Greater Boston to flourish through committed mentoring relationships. Silver Lining Mentoring is one of only a few mentoring organizations in the country that exclusively serves this population, and provides the most targeted, specialized mentoring service for young people who have been removed from their homes due to alleged abuse or neglect. Youth in the child welfare system constitute one of the more under-served populations in our community; because of this, these youth can benefit significantly from committed mentorships and increased access to employment training, education, and other critical job- and life-skills resources. Silver Lining Mentoring serves youth ages 7 and older through Mentors, its one-to-one mentoring program, and through Leaders, its group mentoring program for youth ages 14 and older who are preparing to “age out” of the child welfare system.

727 Atlantic Avenue, 3rd Floor
[email protected]