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This internship comes at an exciting time. We are not only in a major growth period within the entire organization, but we specifically our Service Learning Program. In 2018 our service program expanded from solely high school students to college & corporate trips. The Spring semester is an incredibly exciting time for this internship because it is our busiest trip season. Thus you will not only learn about and become a part of everything Student Service, you will also take on some major responsibilities with everything included in finalizing a service trip. We require a minimum of 12 hours/week - 15 hours is preferred. This is an unpaid position. We are a small office so we greatly value our interns and the contributions they make to our work. Throughout this internship you will..
  • - Assist with Service Learning Program pre-trip communications & organization of student pre-trip forms
  • - Assist the Director of Operations with College, Corporate and High School Service trip organization and getting each student or employee ready for the trip
  • - Assist with the design of Service Learning Program fundraising toolkits and pre-trip meeting materials
  • - Assist in preparing essential documents and materials for each service group, especially during the busy Spring travel season
  • - Assist with brainstorming fundraising strategies for student trips
  • - Assist the Director of Operations with any Post-trip communication follow up to students
  • - Assist in carrying out acknowledgment letters to Student Service Learning donors
  • - Work alongside the Director of Operations and Assistant Program Coordinator to help complete any prioritizing tasks

376 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116
Suite 203
[email protected]