Roca is a values-led youth and young adult development organization in Chelsea, Revere, East Boston and Lynn, Massachusetts. Because Roca believes that every young person counts, it is relentless in its outreach to, acceptance of and expectations for our communities' most disenfranchised young people. In helping young people realize their full potential, Roca works with communities, organizations and systems to change the context in which young people live and grow. Roca is committed to excellence in its work and to pioneering innovative strategies that continuously contribute to and invigorate the youth development field.

Roca's vision is for young people to thrive and lead change. Roca's mission is to promote justice through creating opportunities to lead happy and health lives. Towards that end, Roca creates places where change can happen. Roca's strategic methods are: (1) relentless street work and outreach that enables Roca's staff to connect and build trust with young people; (2) transformational relationships which push both the Roca staff person and young person to lead personal and community change; (3) peacemaking circles that promote personal learning, healing, accountability, and community building; (4) opportunities for education, employment and civic participation that are the means for achieving self-sufficiency and community involvement; and (5) engaging institutions to increase Roca's capacity to work with social service, educational, criminal justice, health, employment, and other community partners to achieve positive outcomes for young people and their communities.

Roca creates opportunities for young people to experience and live its four core values of: - Belonging - every young person understands that they have a place in the world and that they matter; - Generosity - every young person understands that they have something to give; - Competence - every young person has the capacity to learn, gain skills, and make positive choices in their lives; and - Independence - every young person has the capacity to live out of harm's way and become self-sufficient. Because these four core values also reflect the steps in Roca's approach to youth development - the process by which young people thrive and lead change - Roca also embraces and measures these as outcomes for which we as an organization and every member of the staff are accountable.

Roca's success can be seen in the many young people who have come through its doors. Roca is considered to be: innovative, on the edge in terms of continuously reaching out to the communities highest risk youth and employing new methods; and entrepreneurial, in its development and commitment to learning.

101 Park Street, Chelsea, MA 02150
[email protected]