Precious Project Inc

The Precious Project is located in rural Tanzania in the small village of Nshupu at the base of Mt. Meru The project began as a 2 room orphanage and has now expanded to tackle a number of pressing social needs:

  • Housing for 22 orphaned and vulnerable children
  • Education for children who would not otherwise have access to an education
  • Empowerment and micro loans for local widows and single mothers
  • A model of sustainable farming and conservation practices currently producing all needed farm crops for both the home and the school 
  • A community resource to the village around issues of key concern, e.g. HIV education and treatment access

The project is a partnership between the Tanzanian founders and American sponsors and operates as a registered NGO in both Tanzania and the US (501c3). Our campus uses biogas, rainwater collection, grey water usage, solar electrical power and intensive organic farming. In February of 2015 we broke ground for a primary school to educate the poorest children in the village whose families earn less than $1.00 a day and cannot afford the costs of a public school education. Our school is operating on principles of child centered participatory education , learning through discovery, early introduction to intensive English and small classroom size. We currently have 350 full time students (baby class through grade 7). We are ranked in the top 50 primary schools (of which there are 5436 primary schools) in Tanzania for academic achievement.

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