Pixel Machinery

We specialize in three areas: Business IT Services, Software Development and Website Design.

IT Services - we believe that IT should be automated and unattended as much as possible. We understand that doing so requires technical expertise, careful planning and effective execution. The result is significant cost-savings, increased productivity, security, and employee efficiency. Our experience in software development, systems administration and business operations allows us to find the optimum solutions for our clients.

Software development - we partner with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to established enterprises, to create engaging applications, whether they are web-based, mobile, or desktop. We do not see ourselves as simply contractors for hire, but rather as long term collaborators on projects that provide clear value and return. We enjoy working in a wide range of industries. Our current and past projects include wine recommendation software, custom payment processing systems for non-profits, data modeling, a bus dispatching web app, applicant management systems, custom CRMs and lots more.

Web design, marketing and analytics - our group includes talented designers and UI/UX experts. We create beautiful and engaging websites, driven by metrics and goals. We believe that a company’s website should be fully integrated across the entire organizational structure. It should link business operations and marketing efforts with the relevant audience, external or internal to the organization. We work with our clients on every step of the development process, from basic ideas to wireframes to post-launch testing and polishing to monetizing.

81 Munroe St.
Boston, MA 02119
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