EqualHealth works with local partners to create strong, sustainable medical and nursing education systems. Our goal is to foster the development of a self-sustaining, equitable and collaborative Haitian healthcare system. We strive to equip Haitian health professionals with the skills to provide quality care to all Haitians. 

EqualHealth began our work in 2011. In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake our founders saw a decimated clinical education system that they could help strengthen. Since then more than one thousand Haitian doctors, nurses, and students have participated in EqualHealth’s programs: our Social Medicine Course for North American and Haitian trainees, our  Haiti-wide Medical Education Conference, the Marshall Wolf Medical Education Fellowship, and our Visiting Professor and Teach the Teacher Programs.

Past participants in our programs are now well-trained leaders ready to make change and advance health care and medical education in Haiti, and remain deeply involved with EqualHealth. Our robust alumni network connects past students who are the next generation of healthcare leaders and coalesces their commitment to systemic improvements in patient care, community health, and health systems.

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