Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative

Conservation Imaging and its principal program, the Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative, works closely with the indigenous Maya of rural Guatemala to improve their lives while conserving virgin cloud forests (mountain rainforests) of Guatemala. There are four programs:

1. Agro-forestry projects: These include macadamia plantations, native tree nurseries, and flower nurseries. These projects generate income and offset the tremendous damage to coffee crops caused by coffee leaf rust that has damaged coffee crops nationwide.

2. Eco-tourism program: We are training rural farmers to lead our tours through workshops and on-the-job training. This is an exciting new development that was established in 2015.

3. Ecological research: We are surveying the ancient forest for wildlife, surveying forest diversity, and involving researchers from the US and Guatemala. We have encountered several endangered species and we are building a store-house of photographs and information while also publishing our findings in the scientific literature.

4. Land acquisition: We are creating a new NGO based in Guatemala to take the lead on land protection through purchase.  We expect this NGO to clear its legal hurdles in 2015 or 2016.

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