One Home Many Hopes

Our goal is not to house every orphan in Kenya to a point where they can subsist. Our goal is to house those who need us most and to raise and educate a group of children with the ability and desire to change the system that keeps them and other children in an endless cycle of poverty. OHMH, Cariad Kenya, and Kinderhilfe Kenia work in partnership to make it home to many others. Thanks to ‘Breaking Ground Ground 2009’ (our annual volunteer fundraising drive) and the Hovde Foundation our new home for 60 girls was opened in February 2011.

A home unlike any around it. Phase II is the building of a school to educate 720 of the poorest children in our region. These children and our girls will be the network of educated adults who together will tackle the root causes of the poverty that so severely blighted their childhoods. ‘Breaking Ground 2010′ raised enough funds for 24 classrooms in this school. The following year, ‘Breaking Ground 2011′ raised the additional $291,000 needed for the other buildings and amenities that will make this an elite school raising justice-minded leaders.

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