New England International Donors

New England International Donors is a community of individuals, grantmakers, social investors, and advisors who are changing the world from New England.

Since 2008 NEID has been offering a variety of roundtables, panel discussions, site visits, book discussions and networking events on topics of interest to New England area donors.  By helping with giving and impact investing, connecting global donors to issues, experts, effective strategies, and each other, NEID aims to encourage, inform, and enhance funders’ international giving.

NEID has grown to a vibrant network of over 150 members who collectively distribute tens of millions of dollars around the globe each year. Being part of this diverse community leads members to exciting possibilities. Roughly 45 percent of our members collaborate with each other on a philanthropic project, and nearly 30 percent are now funding a project or sector they learned about through NEID. Within the NEID community assumptions are challenged, new financial commitments are made, and friendships are deepened to personally sustain this work to bring greater equity, justice and compassion to our world.

120 St. James Ave, Boston 02116
The Yard, 6th Floor
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