D-Lab is a program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology focused on the design and dissemination of technologies that meaningfully improve the lives of people living in poverty. 

The program’s mission is pursued through interdisciplinary courses (19 developed to date, about a dozen offered at MIT each year), technology development, and community initiatives, all of which emphasize experiential learning, real-world projects, community-led development, scalability, and impact assessment.

Founded by Amy Smith, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, D-Lab has developed a range of technologies and processes including community water testing and treatment systems, human powered agricultural processing machines, medical and assistive devices for global health, and clean-burning cooking fuels made from waste.

All D-Lab classes and projects are connected to communities around the world in countries including Brazil, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Haiti, Ghana, Lesotho, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Cambodia, Nepal, India, and the Philippines.

D-Lab is home to two USAID-funded programs: the International Development Innovation Network and the Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation. D-Lab's Scale-Ups program is centered on bringing poverty-alleviating products to market at scale.

MIT N51 Building, 3rd floor 265 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139
[email protected]