Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is a private, nonprofit educational and scientific organization working to close the gap between what is known about public health problems and what is done to solve them. MSH's commitment to improving public health is based on the belief that health, more than any other factor, determines a community's quality of life. To develop and prosper, community members must have access to basic health services. In addition, they must trust that these services will be available to them in the future. Since 1971, MSH has worked with its worldwide partners to improve the management of and access to health services such as primary health care, child survival, maternal and child health, family planning, and reproductive health.

MSH shares its expertise and experience through technical assistance, training, applied research, publications, and fellowships. By strengthening public health management, MSH helps to improve health services for those who need them most. MSH's worldwide staff of over 1000 are based in field offices around the world, offices in Arlington, Virginia, and its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

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