Karam Foundation is a non-profit for the future of Syria. By investing in young Syrian refugees, Karam empowers youth with the skills to build a better future for themselves and their communities. Karam Foundation’s interconnected programs meet Syrian refugee youth and families where they are at and offer multiple pathways to self-sustainability and leadership. Karam Families provides basic education to school-age Syrians by offering a monthly stipend to the most vulnerable Syrian refugee families in Turkey. The Innovative Education program offers intensive design studios and curated workshops offered by experts in their field. Students expand their horizons by developing and advancing their critical thinking skills while finding their place in the world. Karam Scholars then opens the door to higher education by providing gap funding and tuition support to Syrian refugee students who would otherwise be unable to attend university. Through mentorship, education, and community-driven programs, Karam aims to build 10,000 Syrian refugee youth into leaders by 2028 by guiding them on their own paths to leadership.

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