The Institute for Resource and Security Studies (IRSS) was founded in 1984 to promote international security and sustainable use of natural resources. Its mission is to contribute to the development of a peaceful global society in harmony with its environment. In pursuing our mission, we conduct the following types of activity: policy engagement; collaboration and networking; research; education and training; organizational development; expert testimony; and publication.

These activities occur in five program areas. - Global human security Investigate threats to the security of individuals, communities and nations around the world; promote policies and practices that enhance security. - International conflict management Build capacities and develop policies whereby conflict-torn communities engage in cooperative actions that promote peace and social reconstruction. - Energy and environment Examine the environmental and social impacts of nuclear, fossil and renewable energy systems; promote policies, technologies and practices that minimize adverse impacts. - Sustainable development Study and promote policies, technologies and practices that allow human needs to be met while preserving the life-support systems of the planet. -

Knowledge exchange Encourage and facilitate a rich interchange of information about achievements and opportunities in the areas addressed by IRSS.

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