IICD-The Institute for International Cooperation & Development

Since 1987, IICD has trained over a 1,200 volunteers, who have taken part in development and community work with projects in Africa, Central America and Brazil. IICD is located six miles outside of Williamstown in Western Massachusetts on 300 acres of forest land in the Berkshires. The property is called Swiss Meadows. The American author Cornelia Parker owned the property in the 30's and 40's, choosing the name because the 300 acres of beautiful forested slopes reminded her of the Swiss Alps she loved. The site was later used for a prep school, ski resort, vacation retreat, and meditation center until IICD took over the property in 1987. The buildings are scattered on the hillside. They are all wooden, built between 1928 and 1997.

The location inspires plenty of outdoor life. There is an outdoor swimming pool, a basketball court and a small field for various group sports. In the winter it is possible to ski both on the property and on the nearby slopes of Jiminy Peak and Brodie mountains. Hiking is wonderful during all seasons, and the Appalachian Trail passes close-by. In this beautiful physical setting you will find people of many nationalities and from many different walks of life, who have all come with a desire to develop the world and develop themselves. In this international learning community there is plenty of room for any one who wishes to volunteer in one way or another.

International Staff We come from the United States, Denmark, Norway, Mozambique and Brazil. Our Mission Move humanitarian development forward by working towards achieving the objectives outlined in the Declaration of Human Rights. Influence the future by involving all people in shaping the world. Stretch the boundaries of human potential and build capacity for growth. Spearhead the courage to confront risks by challenging the barriers of fear. Interact in symbiotic relationships with the world around us. Orchestrate our own life symphony. Notie that everything is possible and live accordingly.

Equal Opportunities IICD offers a unique program to people of all ages and walks of life. People with a desire to travel the world and do good at the same time. We take pride in being open to everyone regardless of social background, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age or any other division set up to distort the very basic fact that we are all human beings.

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