Since operations began in 2016, Humans for Education has seen a steady and significant increase in profitability of our small businesses for our schools. Our sophisticated data collection program shows that schools have increased their income by 50% and increased their savings by 100% within the first 2 years of working with us. The new funding led to additional benefits to the schools, such as additional classrooms, tables, latrines, textbooks, teachers, better food, electricity, internet, and a playground. The small business led to fewer requests from the school to the parents for payment and 46% of parents said this positively affected their income. The WASH program showed a significant 36% decrease in malaria, typhoid, and dysentery after just one year of implementation, leading to reduced healthcare costs at school and at home. The scholarships benefitted the families so much that some started new businesses, while others sent more children to school or provided extra meals per day for their families.

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