Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) is a combined group of journalists and human rights advocates formed purposely with the aim of shedding light, sounding alarm and drawing the attention of duty bearers to take the necessary actions to tackle issues in a bid to end up all forms of human rights abuses the country is confronted with which limits the freedom and fundamental human rights all and sundry especially women, girls and children who are the most hit. HRRG is mandated by the laws of Ghana to operate as a Non-Government Organization (NGO) having been duly registered under the Registered General Department, Ghana dated Thursday February 14, 2019 and presented with a certificate to that effect.


Our Mission:

We are committed to work to end all forms of issues pertaining to violation of fundamental human rights of all, particularly women, girls and children in Ghana and beyond.

 We work to help empower women and girls to realize their dignity and rights and assist them to uphold those rights.

 In carrying out its mission, HRRG focuses on pressing human rights violations, both acute and chronic, especially within the following areas: Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBVs) and Harmful Practices, Child rights (Child Trafficking, Modern Slavery etc.), Fight and champion the rights of head porters (Kayayei), Gender equality and FGM, Child/Early/forced Marriages for girls, Rape and defilement, Domestic Violence, Kidnapping of girls, children, and women etc.

 Our Vision:

To report on, perform advocacy role for and support women, girls and children in issues relating to sexual abuse, child trafficking, champion the rights of  Kayayei (head porters), issues of child marriage and rape among others to ensure freedom, safety and wellbeing of the vulnerable, the minority groups and the disabled in the society.

 Our Core Values:

HRRG adheres to the following values and principles in all its activities:

• Constructive criticism and reporting

• Fairness

• Justice

• Transparency

• Equality and equity

• Accountability and responsibility

• Respect and tolerance

• Self-reliance and solidarity

• Non-violence


Our Principal Objectives include:


o   To advance the course of women, girls and children in Ghana through non-violent means to help defend, protect and promote their freedom and fundamental human rights.

o   Fight against all forms of violence against our women, girls and children.

o   Mobilize support (Human capital, funding and other resources) for the accomplishment of HRRG vision and mission.

o   Organize sensitization workshop for youths, Initiate and conduct public dialogues, discussions and debates on Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBVs), Child Trafficking, issues affecting head porters (Kayayei), Sexual and reproductive health and rights(SHRH).

o   Sensitize the youth on Child/Early/forced Marriages for girls, Sexual Rape, defilement and Domestic Violence.

o   Closely follow and collaborate with the community, families and the media organizations to advocate for the safety and security of women, girls and children.

o   Assist abused women, girls and children with counselling services, education opportunities, training, and provisions of other social intervention services.

o   Establish relations with national and international organizations, governments, non-Governmental Organizations, CSOs, CBOs and prominent individuals in order to mobilize support to accomplish the mission of HRRG.



17th Bamboo Street
P. O Box 6, Legon, Accra, Ghana-West Africa
+233 (0) 243676813
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