Healthy Tomorrow

Healthy Tomorrow is a group of supporters of Sini Sanuman’s work in Massachusetts, USA.

Sini Sanuman was founded in 2002 by Malians who were involved in the Pledge Against Excision. It is based in Bamako, the capital of Mali, and has a small staff and executive committee of nine (8 Malians and one American). 

Sin Sanuman means Healthy Tomorrow in the local Bambara language. Sini Sanuman's main project, the Pledge Against Excision campaign, has 45 pargner groups including Amnesty International, Planned Parenthood, the Center Djoliba, APDF and most of the key players in the movement in Bamako. We have convinced 13 villages to stop cutting their girls and 150 excisers to give up the practice. We also work through music and the media to try to convince people to stop excising, so many of our key people are artists.

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14 William Street, Somerville, MA 02144 USA
(617) 776-6524
Susan McLucas at [email protected]