Our advocacy program emerges from a unique nexus: as international grantmakers we see the international consequences of U.S. policies—hunger, water shortages, environmental degradation and human suffering—from the perspective of billions of people around the world. At the same time we see how people can effectively build their communities when organized in the face of these challenges. As a U.S.-based social justice organization, we seek to influence U.S. citizens and policy negotiators who have the power to create policies that uphold rather than undermine basic human rights.

Our education, advocacy and communications tools and grants seek to motivate informed advocacy by affected communities and their allies in the United States. Grassroots is working closely with member organizations of La Via Campesina—a global network representing over 100 million small producers, including the U.S.-based National Family Farm Coalition, to build a movement for food sovereignty and global justice. Our advocacy goals are clear: family farmers’ rights to market access in their own country, a fair price for rural producers and international cooperation to ensure nations’ protection from cheap food imports.

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