GoodVision USA is committed to helping the more than one billion people globally who are in need of eyeglasses but cannot afford to buy them or do not have access to proper eye care. The organization seeks to assist those with poor vision who are unable to work or study which can perpetuate poverty for families and individuals. It also addresses the lack of trained optical specialists and high market prices for eyewear in many developing countries that leaves many citizens without any feasible options for vision correction.

 GoodVision USA is working to address this global health inequity with our sustainable business model that focuses at the local level and includes: production of eyeglass frames, training of vision technicians, free vision testing, immediate assembly and fitting of eyeglasses. Our objective is to provide people living in poverty access to inexpensive and vision correcting eyeglasses while simultaneously creating employment.

 Everyone deserves the dignity and opportunity that comes with GoodVision.

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