We believe that every person has the right to live a healthy, dignified life. We also believe that everyone has a role to play in advancing social justice through the health equity movement.We are committed to creating a new breed of health sector leaders who develop innovative solutions to the most challenging health problems all over the world.


Fellowship Overview

GHC competitively recruits and selects young leaders, ages 21-30,  to work with high-impact health organizations in yearlong paid roles with nonprofit and government partners across the US (NJ, NY, DC, Boston) and East and Southern Africa (Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia). They fill critical gaps in their placement organizations as many have non-traditional health backgrounds. Throughout the year, they engage in intensive leadership development and community building, striving to embody our leadership practices as they work to address health inequities across the global health field.


Applying to the Fellowship

Eligible candidates submit applications (typically due in January), applying for up to three fellowship roles of the 130+ listed on the GHC website. These roles change annually according to the real time gaps in our partner organizations. Throughout the year, fellows will participate in GHC provided trainings, workshops, and retreats aimed at increasing their impact as practitioners and their development as global health leaders.

Post- Fellowship Community  

After the fellowship year, fellows join a 800 + growing global alumni community, including 11 formal alumni chapters across the US and Africa. GHC provides continuous leadership training and professional development through summits, networking events, formal mentorship, and  more.


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