Hey! We’re the Entrepreneurial Finance Lab.

We are an award-winning, for-profit social enterprise that is accelerating financial inclusion on a global level with fintech. Our mission is simple: we use technology and analytics to help people get credit (that would otherwise be denied or remain un/underbanked & “unapprovable”). How? Our scalable, automated technology and scoring helps bring the developing world's most capable, yet previously un-bankable people into the formal financial fold for the first time, empowering them and their economies from the inside-out. EFL’s breakthrough product is the “psychometric credit score”: a tablet-based, self-directed questionnaire that creates a predictive credit score used in over half a million loan decisions worldwide.  Unlike traditional credit scores that only cover people that have previously had loans, the EFL score can be applied to anyone and, most importantly, to ‘un/underbanked’ – the great majority of people around the world.  Over a billion dollars have been lent using this innovation in Africa, Asia, Latin America and now Europe. 


EFL spun out of the Harvard Kennedy School in 2010. Since then, EFL has been transforming access to credit in emerging markets through innovative alternative data credit scoring and through digital delivery channels. We now work with leading financial institutions across 27+ countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. With offices in Lima, Boston, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Jakarta, Nairobi, and Bangalore, EFL is impacting lives across the globe. We have been recognized and endorsed by leading development organizations such as the IFC, Inter-American Development Bank, and the G-20.

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