Engineers Without Borders- Boston Professional Chapter (EWB-BPC) currently has four active community development projects in two communities in Tanzania: Mkutani and Chamhawi.

In Mkutani, we are working on water supply project to provide a clean, accessible water distribution system for the 3000-person community. We have already successfully drilled a 120-meter deep well and installed a solar-powered pump. Even with these improvements, women and children must still walk four kilometers to carry the water from the well back to their homes, or draw water from a nearby polluted river.  This takes time away from other educational and economic opportunities. The next step is to construct a pipeline to transport water the four kilometers between the well and the community to expand utilization of this clean water source. The following project to be implemented will be the construction of a block of girl's latrines at the primary school in Mkutani. The current facilitates are dilapidated and inadequate for the amount of female students attending the school. The third project we are working on is a multipurpose classroom project, in partnership with the EWB-MIT student chapter, to improve Mkutani's primary school. This project aims to improve the experience of young students and provide space for evening adult-education classes.

Our other project in Tanzania is a water supply project in the community of Chamhawi. Currently, women and children from the community haul water from a river approximately 600 meters away from their homes. As a first step towards the goal of providing access to safe drinking water, we remotely facilitated the drilling of a borehole and installation of a hand pump in September 2020.

In addition to our international development projects, we also participate in local development projects and volunteer events. Last summer, some of our members helped to revitalize the Observatory at Blue Hills Reservation and participated in a Habitat for Humanity Build. We are just starting a local project in partnership with the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe to build an irrigation system for their garden to advance their Food Sovereignty initiative.

There are many opportunities to volunteer, whether it be technical, fundraising, graphic design, administrative assistance, just showing up to our events or spreading the word! If you would like to join our Chapter or come to some meetings, the best way to be notified is to join our mailing list via our website: (the subscribe tab). We send out monthly bulletins with project and fundraising updates, help needed and meetings with links. We also have quarterly newsletters for more detailed updates that go out via email. The next step is to join our Slack channel. To be added, just email Roisin Floyd-O'Sullivan at [email protected]. Feel free to email with any other questions as well!

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