Dobility (SurveyCTO)

Dobility, Inc. is a social enterprise committed to promoting the effective use of data worldwide. Funded by — and accountable to — its users, Dobility offers affordable, reliable, and professionally-supported technology that anyone can use.

SurveyCTO, Dobility's flagship software, is a mobile data collection platform that works offline and has been used by thousands of users in roughly 150 countries for impact evaluations, monitoring and evaluation, mHealth, academic research, household surveys, exit polling, web surveys, and other types of data collection. SurveyCTO is built atop the open-source platform Open Data Kit (ODK).

SurveyCTO grew out of Dr. Christopher Robert's experience as a researcher on several Harvard-based development economics projects based in Tamil Nadu, South India. The same technical challenges seemed to plague every project, and it became apparent that better technology could simplify the lives of research team members, reduce project costs, and improve data quality. Leveraging skills honed as a technology entrepreneur earlier in his career, Dr. Robert quickly developed the prototype for SurveyCTO and founded Dobility in 2013.

Dobility is led by Dr. Robert, a technology veteran and development economist. The company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and Ahmedabad, India.

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