Delta Phi Epsilon International

Founded on the ideals of celebrating international collaboration and the young professionals duty to taking part in bettering their community, Delta Phi Epsilon is a national co-educational Foreign Service and International Business fraternity operating through Boston University’s Pardee School of Global Studies and Questrom School of Business.  

Founded in 1919 at Georgetown University, the Gamma chapter was started at Boston University in 1922 to provide students with the ability to develop themselves in both their careers and community service. The society fosters a community of likeminded individuals who plan on pursuing an international career in business trade & development, economic policy, international relations, law, journalism, or other sectors that engage on a global scale. We stress the importance of professional development, but through the lens of diplomacy in hopes of shaping into future world leaders and advocates of world justice, peace, & prosperity.

Perhaps our intentions are best described by our mission which seeks to “promote sound and fruitful international relations political, economical, and cultural between the United States and its people and other countries and peoples, and thus promote world justice, peace, prosperity and happiness.” Delta Phi Epsilon hopes to foster stronger connections with organizations within Boston that not only help our own area, but those abroad who find themselves in need.

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