Dagbé means “to do good” in the Fon-Mahi language of central Benin. We do good by working with rural communities to provide critical services to children who would not otherwise have safe lodging, nutritious meals, healthcare, or the opportunity to attend school. In the communities we serve, our organization is the only resource of its kind for children in crisis.

Dagbé was founded by former Peace Corps volunteers who served in Ouèssè and worked directly with CAEES’s team of community care providers. Recognizing the effectiveness of the work that CAEES was doing and the need for further funding, they founded Dagbé to assist CAEES in providing children in Ouèssè with the opportunity to flourish that every child deserves.

CAEES is a Beninese nonprofit organization in Ouèssè, Benin, which operates a residential children’s center, run by a team of local community care providers. CAEES’s beneficiaries include long-term and short-term residents who are orphans, victims of abuse, victims of child trafficking, and children living in destitute poverty as identified by local authorities.

CAEES’s staff also provides programs to promote community health and education for the community at large. 

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