Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights

Our mission is to create a more peaceful, just and gender equitable world through programs designed to:

 1) Produce cutting edge gender analysis of war and peacebuilding.

 2) Transform gender and security research and policy agendas.

 3) Foster innovative education, activism and practice.

Since its founding, the Consortium has developed partnerships and collaborations far beyond its Boston origins, and we have been privileged to work with researchers, policymakers and practitioners, and civil society activists around the world.

During this time we have seen increased attention from international and national policy institutions to issues concerning women and war, but still little effective action.  In response, we have shifted to focus more on bridging the gap between the scholarly research community on the one hand, and policy makers and practitioners on the other.

At the same time, we believe it is crucial to break through the limitations of the current “gender, peace and security” agenda. Thus, we see our role as catalyzing cross-community, cross-disciplinary conversations to create the multidimensional, structural, feminist gendered analyses that are imperative to finding sustainable and just solutions --not only to wars, but to the political, social, economic and environmental crises that underlie them.  

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