ArtCorps seeks to build a vibrant, just and sustainable world by reconnecting humankind to their innate creative capacity. Our transformative training, coaching and on-site support challenge those working on the frontlines of social change to see the world through a new lens that questions assumptions and stretches boundaries. By cultivating creative thinking, critical analysis and artistic expression, we seek to infuse the world with fresh ideas, deeper connections and healthier systems that can support long term social change.

 Weaving together arts-based techniques with an integral approach to human development, ArtCorps enables leaders of all ages to harness the power of creativity through experiential courses, coaching and on-site technical assistance. Our talented facilitators guide all types of learners in dynamic curriculum that sparks individual, community and systemic transformation. Trainees shift assumptions and behaviors, apply critical systems thinking and learn to adapt strategically creative tools that strengthen their work.




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