About our organization

Act to Rise for Innovation in Special Education (ARISE) Impact is a mission oriented non-profit enabling self-learning for differently-abled. Since 2010, we are developing, promoting and disseminating self-learning content, games and apps for differently-abled. 

ARISE Impact was awarded with eNGO Challenge Award across 300 NGO's for it's unique impact through mobile usage. Our past accolades include our Founder's technology, Abhishek Syal, being recognized under MIT TR35 Under 35 Innovator, India (2013) and NCPEDP Universal Design Award (2012) for his invention for developing self-learning technologies for visually challenged.

We are partners with MIT edX, MISTI, Northeastern's Entrepreneurship Club, Building Impact, Partners for youth with Disabilities (PYD), CityAwake Boston etc.

Link to our social media pages are as follows:

#3265, Sector 35-D
Chandigarh, India- 160022
[email protected]