Access to clean water is the most significant barrier to development. We leverage technology, ideas and capacity to build lean, scalable water and sanitation enterprises worldwide.

1 billion people lack access to clean water. 2.5 billion lack access to sanitation. Every year, this shortfall in infrastructure causes millions of deaths, and billions of dollars in lost economic productivity.

Many organizations have attempted to solve this problem using heavy top-down approaches that ignore local capacity. We are building a new generation of water organization. Organizations that are designed using the lessons learned and best practices from the efforts that preceded it.

We believe that leveraging existing water and sanitation technology, business ideas and local expertise, in combination with a relentless focus on scale, is the solution.

We collect the best technology and case studies of the most effective solutions. Using this information and a cadre of local partners, we incubate revenue generating social enterprises that will build large scale water or sanitation solutions for the bottom of the pyramid.

Archimedes said that one man could move the world with a long enough lever and a firm point on which to place it. Join us. Move the World.

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