According to a recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO), around 950 million people need glasses but cannot afford them or don’t have access to ophthalmic care. Children cannot learn, adults cannot work and care for their families. We want to change that. GoodVision USA was founded in 2019 as an affiliate to GoodVision International, based in Germany. GoodVision International is a growing organization currently providing eye care health services and jobs in ten project countries.


GoodVision International has designed steel wire eyeglasses frames that are light weight while still being durable. This makes them ideal for the often-harsh environmental conditions in low-income nations. Materials for a pair of glasses cost around $1. These glasses are produced by locally trained individuals on a simple yet innovative bending machine. It requires no electrical power, is durable and virtually maintenance-free. The glasses are then adapted on-the-spot to each person's visual needs.


GoodVision USA is looking for an individual who has interest in learning how to create these eyeglass frames on a bending machine and who would be available to attend events with GoodVision USA to demonstrate this unique bending process. Complete training would be provided. This would not only provide the volunteers with an appreciation for the life changing work of GoodVision, but also allow new supporters of our organization to gain a deeper understanding of our work.


Volunteer Requirements:

  • Ideally located in the New England region
  • 6-12 hours available for training with the assistance of manuals, videos, and virtual training sessions
  • Able to attend Vision Expo East in New York City March 17-19
    • Demonstrate manufacture of eyeglass frames using our proprietary wire bending machine and process throughout the event (with breaks)
  • Ability to attend other local events based on availability
  • Preferably interested in a long-term commitment

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