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About Arc Health: One of the most crucial elements of a strong health system is skilled health staff. Without talented and dedicated medical professionals, there can be no strong health system. In underserved rural communities in the United States and around the world, there is a near-universal relationship between persistent poverty and a lack of health workers.

Often, financial constraints aren’t the main reason behind this lack: while there are often public funds allocated to hire health professionals, qualified and willing applicants are insufficient, especially in underserved communities. This situation opens a market for recruitment companies to fill vacancies with temporary health workers. As these for-profit companies focus on shortterm placements, the result is that health systems lack the committed partnerships that foster the long-term recruitment and retention of qualified talent AND those underserved do not receive the quality health services they deserve.

Arc Health is the first public benefit company formed to disrupt the medical staffing industry—- focusing exclusively on achieving health equity through the recruitment and retention of skilled and socially committed health staff to serve underserved communities. Arc Health was co-founded by Dr. Phuoc Le, Dr. Sriram Shamasunder and Dave Shaffer. Dr’s. Le and Shamashunder are physicians and professors with decades of experience in serving the poorest communities in the U.S. and abroad, from Los Angeles to Liberia. In 2015, they cofounded the HEAL Initiative Global Health Fellowship at University of California-San Francisco, which has grown to over 100 current and past fellows in the U.S. and in seven other countries. Dave Shaffer, is a socially minded business professional with 20+ years of leading and expanding mission-based organizations. In the collective compassionate ethos they work toward with Arc Health, they are advancing their vision to achieve a world where the most vulnerable populations have equitable access to the best health professionals. 

Position Description: To achieve our goal of ensuring access to quality health professionals for all, and the long-term work of supporting and strengthening rural health systems, Arc Health is seeking to hire a new type of professional: a Social Medicine Outreach Organizer. 

Are you passionate about building relationships with progressive, human-rights oriented clinicians? Want to actively cultivate a broad medical constituency dedicated to improving health outcomes in marginalized communities across the U.S. and ultimately around the globe? Do you have experience using data, relationship-building, and organizing leadership practices to grow social movements?

In this role, you will serve as a lynchpin in shaping Arc Health’s emerging strategy to transform rural health care in America. Working directly with Arc Health’s Co-Founders, your role will include building the technical infrastructure necessary for a large-scale relational and communications campaign aimed at cultivating a constituency of progressive doctors ready to serve in rural settings; coordinating mass outreach and engaging in targeted one-on-one relationship building with key clinical and constituency leaders; and securing commitments from cohorts of clinicians ready to serve for long periods or permanently in rural health settings.

If this role sounds interesting to you, please submit a cover letter and resume to Dave Shaffer at [email protected] 

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Building the Infrastructure: Create the recruitment infrastructure capable of interfacing with the many organizations, institutions, and communities where potential health equity-oriented clinicians work and associate.

• Recruit and finalize list of “Arc Health Recruitment Partner Organizations” – organizations aligned with the goal of health equity who have important social clout and are willing to help us recruit strong clinical social justice leaders.

• Recruit and finalize list of “Arc Health Recruitment Champions” – individuals who are leaders, academics, and practitioners in the health equity field and who are able to share Arc Health’s clinical opportunities with the networks and communities that they are embedded in.

• Develop database tools for email campaigns and application processes.

• Develop marketing and communications calendar and plan. 


2. Mass Outreach and Targeted Relationship Building: Put this infrastructure to work getting the clinical opportunities offered through Arc Health in front of as many potentially interested clinicians as possible. This work will involve waves of a) mass email communications, b) targeted marketing/advertising, c) outreach from Recruitment Partner Organizations, d) outreach from Recruitment Champions, e) targeted personal outreach, d) Op Eds and other public-facing articles.

• Build a calendar of email communications announcing the launch of this organization, recruitment process, ask for people to share with those who they think would be interested.

• Develop information forms to collect information about interested potential candidates.

• Use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels to share the interest form.

• Develop a communication “toolkit” for partner organizations which includes sample email copy, social media posts, etc. 


3. Recruit and Secure Cohorts of Clinical Placements: Use the networks developed to drive clinicians interested in contributing to social justice medicine to apply for positions. This will involve using email, social media, and networks to drive potentially interested candidates in scheduling one on one meetings, driving people to complete the full application based on fit.

• Develop clinician assessment process and application review system.

• Work with Arc Health leadership to implement and select cohorts of clinicians, matching them with open placements.

• Create cohort-based social medicine on-boarding and education curriculum, with a focus on developing the relationships between social medicine clinicians and deepening their leadership in this space. 


Additionally, we are looking for the following important values and qualifications:

• A fierce commitment to the human right to quality health care.

• Flexibility and nimbleness; a willingness to grow and adapt within a new and entrepreneurial organization.

• Ability and desire to work and move things forward independently while being an integral part of something much bigger than “self”.

• Experience developing community organizing, campaign, or large-scale recruitment and communications efforts.

• A strong and passionate communication skills, comfortable and excited to represent Arc Health’s mission in both individual conversations and in public presentations.

• Bachelors degree minimum, graduate training preferred (e.g. MPH, MBA, MPA)

• Multi-year commitment preferred. 



• Opportunity to be an early-stage lynchpin leader, driving the scale-up of a potentially disruptive health care organization.

• Starting salary is commensurate with experience.

• Full benefits (medical, dental, 401K with match, possible ownership potential)

• Flexible work environment; can work from any place within the U.S. Organization is located in the Pacific Northwest.

If this role sounds interesting to you, please submit a cover letter and resume to Dave Shaffer, at [email protected]

Arc Health is an equal opportunity employer and is actively seeking to build a team that represents “all of us” so interested and qualified persons of all racial, ethnic, socio-economic, religious, gender, and other identities are strongly encouraged to apply. 

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