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BHI conducts clinical planning, design, construction, and maintenance for healthcare facilities in some of the most impoverished places on earth. We are dedicated to partnering with organizations that provide high-quality, accessible treatment to the poor. Our work is grounded in commitments to sustainability, health equity, and local capacity building.

At the outset of planning and design development for a new healthcare facility, BHI conducts a thorough research process in order to understand local contexts, disease burden and demand for services, and staffing and resource availability. This research informs clinical planning recommendations, such as service offerings and staffing, and ultimately the design and construction of the space. In Spring of 2019, BHI will launch major long-term projects with the Peruvian Ministry of Health and with the Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Foundation in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

In the role of a Research & Special Projects Intern, the qualified student will collaborate closely with Research Associate Heather Anne Harmon and CEO Dr. David Walton in the following capacities:

·         Assist with qualitative and quantitative data collection and management for the purposes of programmatic and study reports, publications, and presentations

·         Support literature and evidence reviews on topics including the built environment, clinical service delivery, healthcare infrastructure, and project sites

·         Contribute to the preparation of project proposals and reports, and impact evaluations

·         Provide editorial support for reports, presentations, and other materials

·         Contribute to and support meetings with staff, partner organizations, and key stakeholders

·         Work on selected special initiatives as needed, including producing website and social media content

·         Demonstrate a commitment to the ideals of health equity, sustainability, and local capacity building

The candidate should have experience searching databases for academic literature, conducting evidence reviews, and summarizing relevant evidence in English. Although not required, the preferred candidate would have experience in one or more of the following areas:

·         Website development and design, particularly in Wordpress

·         Quantitative data management and visualization skills, in Excel or other software

·         Grant-writing

·         Fluency in Spanish

Domestic or international travel during the course of the internship is likely, though dependent on sufficient external funding from the student’s university or other sources. 

Interested applicants, please send a Cover Letter & CV to Heather Anne Harmon: [email protected].

Build Health International
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