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Child Relief International Foundation (CRI) is a small-staff family foundation dedicated to improving health systems and/or providing healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa by allocating grants to exceptional organizations.

CRI has made a name for itself in the philanthropy space by bringing rigorous analysis to NGO partners, and setting extraordinarily high expectations for performance and critical thinking. To that end, our funding strategy consists of more than up-front due diligence and check-writing. We create deep partnerships with our grantees, providing extensive non-monetary support in support of our financial contributions. We believe we can leverage our investments in NGOs by embedding ourselves as connection-makers, strategy consultants, communications editors, analysts, committee members, and otherwise.

Our ideal NGO partner is early stage, nimble, and driven. Their model should be cost effective and have a clear path to scale. 

We’ve taken to describing the outputs of our partners as exhibiting “outsized impact.” And we believe in the power of creating a web of synergistic relationships. 

We have had great success thus far and have out-grown our internal capacity. As such, we are looking to add a Program Lead who will work side-by-side with our current team of two Program Leads. CRI has a relatively flat structure, and the new Program Lead will work collaboratively with his/her teammates.


Position description

The Program Lead will:  

-       Take prospective NGOs through a thorough diligence process

-       On-board grantees, and own relationships with a sub-set of grantees

-       Track milestones and progress on awarded project implementation; develop appropriate course adjustments and program modifications 

-       Have a deep basis of knowledge in topics in global health

-       Proactively educate him/herself on the medical and agency literature related to any areas of interest to CRI (ie: the 2008 and 2013 Lancet series on Maternal and Child Undernutrition; the USAID Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy, etc.)

-       Participate in the on-going improvement of CRI processes, guidelines, and procedures 

-       Bolster the performance of grantees by providing technical and strategic support, and effectively harnessing our network

-       Foster effective partnerships with foundations; build relationships with members of external review committees, awardee organizations, and other stakeholders

-       Work with grantee organizations to create support structures to enable effective evidence collection, provide learning opportunities, and maximize the probability of project success

-       Travel both domestically and internationally as necessary

o  International Travel: Including but not limited to 2 or more trips to Sub-Saharan Africa per year for site visits and/or conferences/meetings otherwise

o  Domestic Travel: Including but not limited to sector convenings, meetings, and conferences.



The ideal candidate has:

-       A passion for improving the lives of the poor in developing countries

-       Superior problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving skills

-       Excellent quantitative and analytical skills; ability to collect and analyze data to inform strategic thinking, planning and recommendations 

-       6+ years of directly relevant work experience

-       Deep first-hand knowledge of developing societies, with expertise in rigorous impact evaluation and cost-effectiveness analysis, and/or HR and safeguarding policies and training

-       Advanced management, communication, writing, and interpersonal skills

-       Experience evaluating projects/proposals for funding and/or investment opportunities, and a strong drive for results, rigor and evidence

-       An understanding of the difference between being right,and getting it right. We only care about the latter. 

-       An advanced degree in a relevant field (Public Health, Economics, Health Economics, Business Economics, etc.) with training in medical statistics or similar, modeling and analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, research implementation, or similar.

Should you apply?

Only if this sounds like the jackpot. We also recommend you talk to our NGO and funder-friends to get the inside scoop on what we are like. We are a small team so fit is going to be critical. 

How to apply

If interested in being considered for this opportunity, please send your CV and cover letter to Elyssa Kotzen ([email protected]). Please be prepared to provide 3 references who can speak to your work performance. Feel free to visit us at our website:


Child Relief International Foundation
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