SEGA Girls' Secondary School supports quality education, life skills, and entrepreneurship to help girls in Tanzania who are considered at-risk become leaders in their communities. SEGA is a dynamic girls’ boarding school in Tanzania serving over 280 girls per year who otherwise would not have access to quality secondary education.


In addition to academics, the SEGA school provides programs in life skills, entrepreneurship, environmental stewardship, leadership training, and career development; and supports its graduates with continuing education scholarships. SEGA also runs a SEGA Volunteer House for visitors and supporters and has developed a cultural exchange program where students and staff organize interesting culturally stimulating activities for visitors at the school and nearby communities. The purpose of this program is to provide students with real skills which they can apply to their own cultural tourism businesses after graduating from high school and earning money to support the school.


SEGA is seeking a Volunteer to assist with the school's Higher Education goals. This person will work for 3 months with the SEGA Girls’ School in Morogoro, Tanzania. Between February - April 2024 the Higher Education Intern will be assisting 2023 SEGA Form 4 graduates in researching and choosing their top school choices, assisting with the application process, including essay writing, and studying for English as a Second Language tests for colleges and universities in the United States. 


The Higher Education Intern will be a self-starter with strong organizational and writing skills and impeccable English, pay great attention to detail, and be passionate about making a difference. The Intern will work with a creative, hard-working team of committed volunteers and staff.  


The position is 40 hours per week. There is a $300 USD per month stipend. 



February - April 2024


When working with SEGA, the Intern will work closely with the Counselors, Education for Life, and Communications Coordinator, and remotely with Nurturing Minds staff to support a smooth application process for SEGA students who are applying for US higher education institutions. SEGA's Counseling and Education for Life Department are solely responsible for helping recently graduated students apply for higher education. This Intern will be assisting the current higher education staff with their administrative needs in regard to the higher education application processes. 

SEGA is seeking an Intern who can assist with planning to ensure that students experience a smooth application process led by a trusted source. 


SEGA seeks a dynamic self-starter and leader who is adaptable and willing to learn Tanzanian culture. This is a new role for SEGA, so this individual must be able to manage her/his own schedule and time and create the position that would best reach SEGA’s goals. The Intern must be creative, highly detail-oriented, and able to communicate deadlines effectively. 




R1. Research Higher Education Institutions in the United States

  • The main research on Universities and Colleges may already be complete by the time this position begins, however, there may be a need to expand or supplement some of the research. 

    • The volunteer will need to read through and thoroughly understand the application needs and requirements of each institution. 

  • Aid a maximum of 10 students as they create their top school list (8-12 institutions) to submit their application. 

    • Schools must have a good program that will be of the student's interest, must have a scholarship option available, must have the option to waive the application fee, and must be testing optional.

  • The volunteer may have to contact US institutions through email or phone to gain a clearer understanding of their university and its application and scholarship options.


R2. Support students through the application process

  • SEGA graduates who are interested in traveling to the United States to pursue their higher education will be staying on SEGA’s campus during this time period to work closely with the intern daily to understand, create, and submit application materials.

    • Some materials may be due past the volunteer time at SEGA, the volunteer must make a timeline of scheduled deadlines for the Education for Life department and students to follow. 

  • Assist SEGA Students in determining what it is they would like to study. 

    • Intern must become very familiar with students' academic records and the Tanzanian education system in order to translate those aspects as needed into the application and institution as needed. 

  • Application needs could be: 

    • Submitting CV/resume, transcripts, and professional/personal/academic references

    • Common application essay questions

    • Specific program or institution questions

    • English as a Second Language Test

      • To be completed on Duolingo, or other similarly accepted testing platforms. 

R3. Provide English as a second language training as needed for testing 

  • The English as a Second Language test is crucial to acceptance in US institutions. Volunteers will need to thoroughly understand the test and its material and assist students in studying and preparing for the test. 

    • Ensure students take the test according to the rules of the testing platform.

    • Duolingo offers practice tests and a flexible testing option. The volunteer will work closely with the SEGA Director and SEGA ICT Coordinator in the preparation and purchasing of the test. 


Work Environment with SEGA

  • Must be able to work and live on campus in Morogoro, Tanzania. 

  • Must be physically and mentally capable of performing multiple tasks and able to function in a culturally diverse, fast-paced environment.

  • Must be adaptable to work and living conditions that may be quite different than those found in North America.

  • Must be at least 21 years of age. 

  • It is a plus if you are passionate about our program mission! 


Position Details

Provided by SEGA Girls’ School and Nurturing Minds 

  • $300 USD/month stipend paid in Tanzanian shillings 

  • Reimbursement of Business visa ($250 USD) in Tanzanian shillings upon arrival at SEGA Girls’ School

  • Housing at the SEGA Girls’ School in our Volunteer Apartment that include: water, wifi, and electricity

  • 3 meals a day at the school OR option to arrange transportation to Morogoro to purchase groceries to cook on own

  • Transportation to and from Dar es Salaam, Julius Nyerere International Airport 

  • Hotel in Dar es Salaam (If required based on your flight schedule)


Responsibility of Intern prior to arrival

  • Round trip flight to Dar es Salaam 

  • Obtain a Tanzanian Business Visa ($250)

  • Obtain travel medical insurance that includes medical evacuation 

  • A passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond visa issuance and/or date of entry, and at least one blank visa page, is required 

  • Register with the US Embassy in Tanzania STEP Program 

  • Obtain any needed medications/vaccinations prior to travel 

*all visitors to the SEGA Girls’ School must be vaccinated against COVID-19*

  • Sign the Nurturing Minds Child Protection Policy and Release of Waiver and Liability 



Prior to traveling and working with SEGA Girls’ School, there will be a series of zoom orientation calls and emails to help prepare you for your destination and job responsibilities. 


Prior to traveling: 

  • We will have an orientation to discuss all travel, living, health, and safety logistics and questions. 

  • We will have a discussion on cultural humility, Tanzanian culture, and what it means to be a foreign intern in Tanzania. 

  • You will have an opportunity to meet with SEGA’s Communication Coordinator and Hospitality Coordinator, who will help you get settled in once you arrive, prior to arriving. 

  • We share with you via email visiting manuals, emergency contact lists, COVID-19 protocols, and more. 

Arriving at SEGA: 


  • Once you arrive at SEGA the Communications and Hospitality Coordinators will greet you and help you get settled into your new home. They will discuss safety, transportation, ways to explore Morogoro and Tanzania, culture, food, and health, and give you a tour of SEGA’s Campus. They will help introduce and welcome you to SEGA’s staff and students. 

  • They will also join you at the supermarket or open-air market in Morogoro Town to purchase food items, water, toiletries, and other household essentials you may require during your stay. 

  • They can also give you a tour of Morogoro Town so you know where essential locations are.

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]

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