Health & Research Fellow - Cocoa360

Who We Are

At Cocoa360, we are pioneering a new model of development that leverages existing community resources to improve access to education and healthcare for Ghana’s over 1.6 million cocoa farmers, without a long-term reliance on foreign aid. Cocoa is a key driver of Ghana’s growing economy, with cocoa revenues totaling nearly $2 billion annually, yet the vast majority of cocoa farmers remain trapped in a cycle of generational poverty.

Our “Farm-for-Impact” model is breaking that cycle by putting Ghana’s cocoa farmers in the driver’s seat of development. Our model is simple, yet impactful; we partner with rural communities to invest community-generated revenue in key educational and healthcare improvements.

The Opportunity

The Health & Research Fellowship position is ideal for a high-achieving recent college graduate with an interest in public health, research, and international development. The ideal candidate for this position is someone who takes initiative, is self-motivated, and is excited about being part of the core team at a growing nonprofit. This position is located on our campus in Tarkwa Breman, Ghana, which is home to our girls’ school, community farm, and community clinic.

The Health & Research Fellow is responsible for connecting Cocoa360’s work in education improvement to the wider implications of our work in improving health outcomes. Our mission, vision, and model are driven by the understanding that education is an entry point to both improve health and elevate livelihoods. Our work sees education as one of the most influential social determinants of health—the social, economic and environmental factors that impact well-being—and values education’s potential to set the foundation for a healthy life. The Health and Research Fellow is expected to produce a significant piece of research which focuses on some aspect of the social determinants of health that Cocoa360 is working toward. S/he will be the main driver of setting a research agenda, coordinating data collection, and writing a manuscript for publication under the guidance of a research advisor.

In addition to his or her research efforts, the Health and Research Fellow will be expected to support the clinic staff with administrative tasks to allow them maximum time and effort in providing basic health care to the families of Tarkwa Breman and the surrounding seven communities as and when the need arises. S/he will have the opportunity to shadow doctors/clinicians as well as perform patient check-ins. The Fellow will also have the opportunity to plan health events, such as community health talks or school health sessions.

Role and Responsibilities


-Identify potential research questions through observation of the clinic and the community;

-Write a research proposal (Background Information, Objective, Methods);

-Collect relevant data to address the research objective;

-Analyze the data;

-Write a research manuscript (Abstract, Background, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion);

-Manage the publication process as Corresponding Author;

-Collaborate with the Development & Data Fellow on organization-wide M&E.


-Folder filing (weekly);

-Inventory check (monthly);

-Observation/Shadowing (weekly);

-Patient Check-Ins [record patient information, temperature, blood pressure, height] (as needed);

-Interact with patients in waiting area (daily).


-Help coordinate and plan health-related events, like community health talks or school health talks;

-Represent Cocoa360 to all external stakeholders on aspects related to health and the clinic, especially in In-Country Meetings.


The ideal candidate can respond to and incorporate feedback, balance multiple projects at the same time, and excel in a cross-cultural context. S/he should also be flexible in their work style, and able to adapt to working in a rural location with a close-knit team.  As the lead team member in providing tangible public health research, the Health and Research Fellow should be able to communicate quantitative data in the context of Cocoa360’s work.

Required Education and Experience

A Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies, Public Health, Pre-Med or a related field is required. Prior experience working in international development, with nonprofits, or living in rural environments is preferred.


-Accommodation for one year includes housing, electricity, and water

-Professional development and mentorship from Cocoa360 Staff

-Structured learning and development opportunities

-Meaningful work under the direct supervision of an experienced Cocoa360 staff member

-Highly collaborative and innovative teams

-Network with professional advocates in the non-profit sphere

-On-the-job training for a variety of skills

How to Apply: Please send your resume, cover letter and a short writing sample to [email protected] with subject line: “Health & Research Fellow”

Dates: May/June 2019; as soon as possible preferred

Hours: Full-time

Details: Unpaid

Location: Tarkwa Breman, Ghana

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