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Through the delivery of 6 comprehensive volunteer led programmes, we work towards achieving the 17 United Nations Sustainable development goals, by implementing lasting sustainable change. We are currently seeking enthusiastic and passionate volunteers for our 2020 cycle in Education, Conservation and Eco-Farming, starting on 29 May 2020.
As a small charity, none of the volunteer fees or donations we receive are spent on unnecessary administration and logistics, as commonly found in larger charities. All of our international staff are unpaid volunteers, including the Managers. This enables us to better support our beneficiaries through the delivery of free education in a wide variety of subjects.
The Bukit Lawang Trust aims to provide a sustainable route out of poverty via Education. By providing free Kindergarten classes and English lessons, we increase Education levels and thus raise employ-ability chances. By combining this Education with a focus on Conservation, our goal is to ensure that the younger generation here in North Sumatra are aware of the challenges which the planet is facing. Both our Conservation Programme and our Eco-Farming Programme are intended to encourage ethical decisions regarding the environment, since our charity is based on the edge of the magnificent Leuser Eco-system, one of the last few plaes on earth to be home to wild orangutangs.
Education - Our Education Programme requires volunteers with experience in teaching or childcare. Volunteers on this programme will assist Kindergarten staff in lessons and teach English to a wide variety of ages. Our ideal candidate would have a TEFL or CELTA, however, we are also willing to train our volunteers. Candidates must speak English fluently.
Conservation - Our Conservation volunteers will be responsible for the delivery of the Youth Sustainable Enterprise programme here in Bukit Lawang, intended to encourage local business people to switch to more sustainable business strategies. They will also be involved in teaching Conservation classes to children aged between 6 and 19. Fluent English is a requirement for this role.
Eco-Farming - Eco-Farm Volunteers will join Erna on her farm to assist in Organic and ethical farming strategies. For this role gardening or farming experience is preferable, but not required.
In order to apply please send a CV and cover letter to [email protected] 
Successful applicants to the Trust will be offered a place here on one of our Programmes. They will then be guided through the visa process and met at Medan airport by a trusted Driver.
Weekends are free for volunteers to relax and explore the local and surrounding area. There is ample opportunity to experience the jungle with its orangutans and other amazing tropical fauna and flora. Activities include jungle trekking, rafting down the river, kayaking, wood carving.
Teachers have a unique opportunity to become part of the local community, experience living as the locals do and know that the teaching they do is highly valued and worthwhile.
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