Deputy Director - Disability Rights Fund

Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Deputy Director (DD) has primary responsibility for all internal operations of the Disability Rights Fund and its sister organization, the Disability Rights Advocacy Fund (DRF), ensuring that the organizations are effective and efficient in achieving their purpose and missions.   

Towards this end, the DD builds and leads an effective and motivated Management Team which carries out the day-to-day work of the organization, advancing the rights of persons with disabilities.  The DD prioritizes areas for team development and ensures continuous improvement of operations together with the Management Team. Direct reports to the DD include the Finance Director, Grants Manager, and Program Director. A Development Director reports to the Executive Director.

The DD oversees the development and implementation of DRF’s Operational Plan, and works collaboratively with the Executive Director, staff and board to build organizational capacity to achieve the goals of the plan.  A key part of this role is the strengthening of DRF’s internal systems and procedures, and the stewarding of the organization’s internal culture.  The DD dedicates time, attention, and expertise to organizational development, and is responsible for human-resources management and staff-development processes, including relations with our co-employer, Tri-Net.

A key element in the success of this role is the establishment of a close, mutually-supportive working partnership with the Executive Director, with the DD managing day-to-day operations, enabling the ED to increase focus on external field-building, representational, and fundraising areas.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The DD is responsible for:

•    Partnering with and supporting the Executive Director on key institutional decision-making;

•    Working with the Executive Director, board, and staff to successfully implement the Strategic Plan through development and execution of a clear, relevant and effective annual Operational Plan, and by overseeing the development of critical organizational systems, policies, organizational capacity and procedures;

•    Leading and building a strong and effective Management Team by supporting team development, empowerment, morale, and accountability;

•    Ensuring alignment of the work of the Management Team with the Strategic Plan and the integrated achievement of organizational strategies;

•    Managing the relationship with our co-employer, Tri-Net, human-resources and staff-development processes;

•    Defining and optimizing organizational structure, policies, work culture and work processes;

•    Monitoring and promoting organizational wellbeing and facilitating positive organizational change as DRF transitions into its second decade and the next phase of its growth and development;

•    Promoting a healthy working culture, in which differing opinions and working styles are managed effectively and seen as an opportunity for continual improvement and promoting innovation.


The successful candidate will have at least ten years’ substantive and progressive experience in the general management of complex global non-profit organizations. This will include at least 5 years experience with a range of relevant domains, such as: change management; organizational policy development and implementation; board relations; strategic and operational planning; internal communications; information technology; human resources; financial management; program development and implementation.

The candidate will have a strong systems orientation, with the capacity to develop, support the development of, and introduce new organizational systems in areas such as grantmaking, planning, budgeting, accountability, information systems, monitoring, and impact assessment. They will have experience in leading and participating in strategic planning and implementation processes and an ability to identify organizational work priorities.

The candidate will have good listening and negotiating skills and a proven and supportive team-based leadership style with experience in building empowered and effective teams. They will demonstrate the capacity to work with and manage people with diverse disabilities, and the ability to understand how teams work well across a diverse, global environment. They will also be able to thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial culture.  Critically, they must be entirely comfortable in a “#2” role, finding satisfaction and self-realization in an internal-facing function, working under a strong, dynamic Executive Director.

A Bachelor’s degree is required, and a graduate degree in a relevant field is preferred.  Experience in international development or rights advocacy in developing countries is preferred, with experience living abroad viewed positively. 


It is preferable that this position be based in the Boston area, where DRF’s head office is located.

How to Apply

Please email a cover letter and resume to:

Diana Samarasan, Executive Director

[email protected] (please, no phone calls)

Disability Rights Fund
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