Data Platform Manager - Root Capital

Root Capital's Advisory Services team provides financial and business management training to small and growing businesses in Latin America, Africa, and Asia through highly specialized and customized consultancy services and adult teaching methodologies.

This position will work closely with the Advisory Global and Regional teams and other departments across IT and Impact to accelerate and optimize the development of Root Capital’s Data Platform. Root Capital is building an enterprise data platform to support the data management and business intelligence needs of our agricultural enterprise clients. The farmer-level data platform will facilitate the flow, organization, use, and sharing of data by Root Capital’s clients who are participating in our mobile advisory services, whereby Root Capital supports our clients in digitizing data collection processes, improving internal business decision-making processes, and building stronger data-driven relationships with business partners.

The Data Platform Manager will lead key design components and serve as a lynchpin between Root Capital’s field and headquarter-based teams to ensure operational excellence in client-facing service delivery as well as back-end technology. In addition, the role will play a large role in keeping external stakeholders—such as certifiers, buyers, donors, partners—happy with Data Platform functionality, and in doing so maximize value for our client agricultural businesses.

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